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Meet Catherine

Catherine is an expert in improving workforce effectiveness through building resilience and her light and compassionate manner is as inspiring as her approach to wellbeing in the workplace is unique.   Catherine has developed her coaching, mental health and wellbeing expertise throughout her 20-year career as an engineer within the industry alongside a wealth of personal experience.  Catherine, supports companies with their health and wellbeing duty of care in order to provide the foundations workforces need to be able to maintain better health and productivity. 

Did you know that a staggering 57% of working days lost are lost to stress related illnesses in the UK every year?

Did you know two construction employees take their own life every day (Lighthouse Club).

These are statistics we can change by working together.

I am passionate about helping you embed the mental wellbeing of your employees as a value driven culture rather than a tick-box exercise because you genuinely understand the importance of a healthy balance for both the individual and the business. I am an expert in improving workforce effectiveness through building resilience and am passionate about improving individual wellbeing as well as cultural shifts within the Construction Industry.

On a mission to change the perception of mental health in construction industry, I provide you with a unique, flexible and affordable wellbeing provision to enhance employee wellbeing resulting in improved productivity, a sustainably healthier workforce and a reduction in absence due to ill health.

'Everyone found the initial MOT sessions really helpful in being able to discuss issues both at work and in their personal lives, and a couple have commented on how easy they found Catherine to talk to. The regular drop-in sessions are seen as a really useful way of checking in on any mental health concerns and give the staff reassurance that there is support available to them on a regular basis. I’m really pleased we engaged Catherine for the benefit of a healthy workforce'. Steve, GEA, Hertfordshire

I'm going to be at Digital Construction Week on the 18th May 2022.  Come and introduce yourself and have a chat in the Wellbeing Village!