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Services to support your business


My core services are;

  • A health audit of your business.  Similar to a Desk Study this involves a short questionnaire for staff and a RAG rated audit with a member of the SLT taking a holistic view of the business. The findings are presented in a comprehensive report along with identifying mental ill health themes within the business and suggestions for areas of improvement in order to lay the foundations of a sustainable wellbeing ethos. 


  • Wellbeing MOTs for each staff member to take control of their own wellbeing looking at work and lifestyle choices resulting in a personalised Wellbeing Action Plan aimed at preventing issues which result in time off work.


  • Mental health surgeries. A walk-in service in your office aimed at listening, sign-posting and providing non-judgemental support. Providing an outlet like this is the most thing you can offer people to avoid mental ill health resulting in prolonged absence from work, staff turnover and stress related issues such as depression, dependency and anxiety.


  • Training workshops on key topics such as stress and resilience, fatigue and overwhelm and connection.

If building a strong wellbeing foundation is within the culture of your business, pop me an email if there's anything in particular you'd like to discuss.  

I have more than 20 years experience working as Geotechnical Engineer in the construction industry including working on site and leading a design team. I have seen it all first hand; burn out, anxiety, stress and personal problems.

The Construction Industry sees some catastrophic effects of long hours, working away from home, commercial and programme pressures but it is not the only one.  With home working, continued isolation and associated fatigue, the figures of people struggling to cope is on the increase.

Managing stress and building resilience are vital skills to have in your toolbox for a productive and enjoyable career.


Some feedback from construction staff who have benefitted from the Wellbeing MOTs and Mental Health surgeries;

'Getting to sit and have a chat about work and life was the most useful part. The process was pretty straightforward'.

'It was refreshing and highlighted some areas to work on that I had not expected. The most useful part was accessibility. Catherine was on site, in a discreet area. Her relaxed, calm and comfortable approach to conversations made me feel at ease'.

'Being able to talk to someone impartial at a time when I really needed it was really helpful'.

'I’m familiar with wellbeing counselling but it was very useful to be introduced to new and different ways of assessing where my health is at and how to move forward. Using the diagrams to consider the areas of my life I want to improve was particularly useful'.



Some feedback from a Director in the Construction Industry;


'I was initially apprehensive but the audit provided a detailed overview of aspects I hadn’t previously considered. It was really helpful in understanding what we were doing well and what we might choose to do differently. The suggestions were certainly easy to implement to benefit all staff within the company. It was a positive learning experience'.