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About Blue Sky Vitality


Let me tell you a story......

Once upon a time there was a happy little family of four who set off round the world for a brave new life in New Zealand. It was a dream come true for one of the parents in particular. However, as the months went on, no amount of evening walks on the beach and exploring the beautiful countryside could help them fully settle. You see there was a sense of isolation and a niggling feeling that couldn’t quite be shaken off.

Deciding to return home, they fell back into familiar routines with work and school but before they had a chance to create a new dream, a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease, quite literally, landed on the door mat.

They set about researching, ‘making memories’, trying anything and everything to beat it and live with it until one day, all too quickly, time ran out. The family had lost a team mate.

As she got on with the practicalities of living, parenting, working and fundraising, the mother very quickly learnt what worked and what didn’t to make her and her children feel better. Their anchor had gone and the shape of their new life was confusing.  Basic needs were met but everything was a bit disconnected. Fortunately, furlough gave her some much needed time to fully focus on herself and her family and figure out strategies to cope with life.  People called her ‘inspirational’, ‘brave’ and ‘amazing’. The local paper identified her as one of their ‘International women of the Year’. She just thought she had no choice but to get on with it.


Listening to the words of encouragement and knowing she liked a challenge, she set about retraining firstly as a wellbeing life coach and then as a reiki practitioner and in December 2020 she started up Blue Sky Vitality so that she could help others find their way. Those that were struggling to work out what to do first to improve their life, that felt like they no longer fit in the box they have found themselves in, those who thought life was too hard to handle and had lost hope, those who felt isolated and just needed a nudge in the right direction and those who needed some spiritual guidance to find balance.


As with most other aspects of her, she quite uniquely figured out a way to provide practical, sustainable support which slots into busy life.

I am proud to be that inspirational person.

Although life is very different now, it can still be exciting and filled with hope and I love making a difference in someone’s life, big or small. I will tell you the story behind the name another day!